What's the deal with song royalties?

To be legit (avoid being shut down, sued, thrown in jail), all stations have to pay royalties to ASCAP and BMI. For online stations, they look at how many people log in and how long they listen. Three years ago, we didn't have many listeners, so we just paid $29.95 a month. Now people are discovering us through iTunes, TuneIn and other places. So more people are logging in! That's brought our monthly expense to $113.42. Since we don't play commercials, we don't have money coming in. That's why I have to ask for help. If you like the station, it'd be great if you're able to pitch in to keep 95X Online going.

Is this a scam?

No, song royalties are for real. If you go to Wiki, you can read about it here. You'll want to scroll about halfway down the page to "Performance Royalties."

Are you for real?

Yes. I stream the station from my apartment in Midland, Texas. You may have heard about the oil boom here. That's made housing scarce, so in the last couple of years, my rent has gone up $300. It's funny how your paycheck never goes up to match your rent! Anyway, that's another reason why I can't afford to do this on my own anymore. I'm not a bot. You can email me at michael@95xonline.com. I love music; love the station; and it's fun to search for new music to play for you.

Why don't you earn money by playing commercials?

Um, no. I don't have time to go sell commercials and work my day job. Besides, this is about the music. If we ever have businesses interested in underwriting ("this hour of music is brought to you by Acme Company"), that would be cool. That's what PBS and NPR do. But I don't want to play commercials. I started 95X Online as a hobby. It was never intended to make money. But now it has to break even.


Yes. You don't have to be a PayPal member. You just need a credit or debit card. When you click on the "donate" button, it'll ask how much you want to donate and your info. I don't see your card info. I just get an email telling me that someone donated and that the money was put in my PayPal account. I use that account to pay the royalties.



email: michael@95xonline.com


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